Less than 24hrs to go!

Less than 24 hours left of the Mammoth mini-CTF! Make sure to double check those keys being submitted, we see more being submitted that are close, but not correct! Keys should be exactly 16 hex nibbles excluding the {MammothCTF} prefix. Good luck!

MIDIcryption important note

See the updated challenge note for MIDIcryption for details, but TL;DR, the key file should be read as utf-8. This is usually the default for python, but it was unintentionally used in this case, so apologies if that caused any issues with the challenge for you!

Key length

Double check your keys to make sure they are the right length (16 hex nibbles plus the optional '{mammothctf}' prefix)! We are seeing some very close, but incorrect, keys being submitted.

Challenge text updates

The challenge texts for MIDIcryption, Mirrors and Stego-Saurus2 have all been updated with some new info/hints. As always, please let us know if you think you're running into any game bugs. Also, let us know if you're where you're getting stuck and we'll try to keep adding hints where needed. Thanks!

MIDIcryption feedback

Hey All! Just one remaining unsolved challenge left! Great Work! If you're stuck on MIDIcryption, or any other challenge, please feel free to contact us with what you're working on and we'll try to give out some updated hints based on that feedback. (twitter (@prjctmammoth) or email us at prjctmammoth[@] Thanks!

Universe Management system back online!

The Universe control server and universe authentication servers are back online! Apologies for the disruption! Thanks to ${ANONYMOUS_PLAYER_223927} for reporting the issue. Please let us know if you see any other problems with the game (twitter (@prjctmammoth) or email us at prjctmammoth[@]

MIDIcryption challenge text updated

The challenge text for MIDIcryption has a new update.

Key Formats

Pay attention to the key format as described on the main page (! All characters (except the '{MammothCTF}' prefix) will be valid hex digits for all challenges and will be exactly 16 hex nibbles long. If you have a code that does not fit this format (hint: Universe Traveller), then it must be used for something else in the challenge. If a challenge does not have the '{MammothCTF}' prefix when found in game, it should be noted in the challenge text. Keys should be submissible with or without the '{MammothCTF}' prefix and should be case-insensitive.

Mirrors text update and poll

Attention Players: The challenge text for Mirrors has been updated and here is a quick poll to vote on which challenges need more hints: . As always, please let us know if you thing you see bugs in the game!

Anomaly detected in challenge "Mirrors"

Attention Players: The MammothAI has detected an anomaly in the Mirrors challenge and is investigating. Please stay tuned for remediation effort updates as MammothAI deploys local agents to investigate further.

Welcome Players!

Great job on the game so far! We hope people are having fun! Please let us know if you think you see any game bugs! Feel free to DM us on twitter (@prjctmammoth) or email us at prjctmammoth[@] if you have any questions. -- MammothAI, universe #504D

Key submission

Make sure you're submitting keys to the right challenge!

"All your bass" key

It looks like the keys for "all your bass" were not registering correctly for some reason, but it should be resolved now so please re-submit your keys and it should work now.

Game is live!!

Let's gooooooooo!

Simulated Universe Booting Up!

Greetings players! The Mammoth Mini-CTF will begin shortly! Apparently the universe had to defrag during boot, so is running a bit late! ETA 17:45 PT. Keep an eye on notifications (and maybe twitter, for updates!